PV systems with and without battery backup

Net metering/grid export facilities available

Remote monitoring facility for O&M Synchronised to work with other power sources, e.g.,diesel generator, grid etc


Supports other loads

Pump operates for 8+hours a day. Ability to shift the system per user need

Designed to run regular as well as specialised applications, e.g., drip irrigation, sprinklers, RO plants etc.


Designed to run nozzles and support other loads, e.g., lights, fans, computers etc. Customised inverters are used to meet the unique electricity requirement of nozzles.


Designed to meet basic power requirements of an entire village Eco system is provided, e.g., poles, cables, control room, lights etc. System designed to operate in widely varying environments Up to 3 days of complete autonomy

We are passionate about helping homeowners and businesses make smart solar energy investments and contribute to a cleaner planet.

Having designed & installed 300+ systems across India, we are one of the fastest growing companies in this sector.

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We have installed 2MW over our past history and will grow upto 5MW. Explore some of our key solar projects.

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